• Are you fed up with unplanned bulb changes and added maintenance? 
  • Experiencing reliability issues with your existing MIL-SPEC steerable landing or searchlight? 
  • Looking for a brighter searchlight without increased power consumption or weight? 


The PAR46 advanced and highly reliable LS400 LED searchlights is a direct drop-in replacement for legacy low-reliability bulb or halogen lights. The LS400 has superior LED light output to traditional bulbs, that projects a beam twice as far as previously achievable. An additional benefit of the Multi-LED head array and its inherent redundancy is that the LS400 can also be used as a compliant steerable landing light. The hermetically sealed LS400 actuator base utilizes state of the art components like brushless motors and hall effect sensor technology to achieve a revolutionary improvement in reliability. 

Measuring 12.125″ x 6.56″ x 3.56″ (308 mm x 167 mm x 90 mm), this searchlight weighs 7.7-7.8 lb. (3.49-3.54 kg) depending on model. Beam spread options include 15° ± 5° or 90° – 5° with a typical brightness of 500K cp. IR intensity options from 21-80 w/ SR max (NVIS A). White light beam spread is 9°-10° and the IR beam spread is 18°-19°.

FAA STC & EASA STC Approvals, Minor Change Modifications are available on request or see the certifications page. Pending approvals for helicopters from Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Enstrom, HAL, KAI, Leonardo, MD, Mil Mi, PZL & Sikorsky.

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