The SunSpot Equinox is the perfect solution for single light applications or for the pilot who can’t decide on whether to install a landing or a taxi light. In landing mode, the Equinox will output a 20°X20° bright white beam for high-speed take-offs and landings. This will greatly improve visibility both on the ground and in the air from up to 30 miles away. While in taxi mode, the light produces a wider 20°X50° beam spread that outputs a solid and evenly distributed light pattern for unmatched illumination of the runway/taxiway without impairing the vision of other pilots.

The Equinox will still feature the same design and construction that has been the AeroLEDs hallmark for over 15 years — Long Life, High Efficiency, Shock and Vibration Resistant, Low Weight, Low Drag. The first release in this series will fit PAR 36 configurations and will be a 28-volt, 100-watt dual function LED. It will output a whopping 11,000 lumens and 150,000 candela and come standard with integrated pulse (Wig-Wag), providing optimum visibility during extreme operating conditions and negating the need and extra weight of external pulse light boxes.

As with all SunSpot Series LED’s, this light can be left on in all phases of flight as it draws 40 percent less power, significantly reducing the electrical load on the airplane’s battery and alternator system. It also maintains its full light output even at low engine RPM, which is critical for landing configuration. SunSpot Equinox will be simple drop-in replacement for both Par36 and Par46 applications and will be available for both 12v and 24v systems. It is rated for 30,000+ hr MTBF and comes with a five-year warranty.

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