Highest performance in the industry. The AeroLEDs SunSpot 36 Series LED Aircraft Landing Lights and Taxi Lights consume less power, output more lumens (total light output), and are not affected by vibrations compared to incandescent bulbs. These attributes make the SunSpot ideal for experimental, certified, commercial, and Military aircraft. The SunSpot series outputs a wider beam that illuminates the colour of an object due to the blue-green colour temperature as opposed to “greyed” out images from the orange-red colour temperature of an incandescent lamp. AeroLEDs offers several SunSpot 36 (PAR 36) drop in replacement options that are PMA and STC certified.

Good landing and taxi lights are important, not only for significantly longer life but also to be seen, even during daytime flying. Instead of the typical 50 hours of use, these LED lights last beyond 30,000 hours, basically making it a lifetime lamp. You can therefore leave it on for daytime flights for greater safety. These Landing, Taxi and Recognition lights will truly transform your night-time flying experience and provide unmatched daytime recognition for added safety and are the premier choice for your aircraft.

Incandescent bulbs are rated for about 25 hours of service. AeroLEDs are rated for over 30,000 hrs! plus, You also get double the beam spread, More than double the performance and Half the current draw. We may be low maintenance, but we have got high standards.

A quality landing light needs enough lumen output for the pilot to use their peripheral vision on the runway edges PLUS enough candela to project far down the runway. AeroLEDs provide an optimum balance between them both.

AEROLED’s Voted Best LED Landing Light by Aviation Consumer