April 2022

Boise, April 22, 2022 – AeroLEDs, LLC is pleased to announce FAA-PMA/STC approval for the SunSpot™ Series LED Landing and Taxi lights on over 300 makes and models of Part 25 transport category aircraft, adding to their constantly growing list of FAA certifications. Available immediately, this STC brings the safety and reliability of LED lighting technology into the hands of air carriers all over the country.

Many pilots worldwide have already benefited from this upgrade as AeroLEDs Landing, Taxi and Recognition lighting products are FAA and EASA approved for thousands of applications. The SunSpot Series Landing and Taxi lights feature the same state-of-the art design and construction that has been the AeroLEDs hallmark for over 15 years— less drag, less draw, and higher lumen output (total light output). AeroLEDs lights are vibration and shock resistant and are virtually unaffected by adverse environmental conditions. These attributes make the SunSpot Series ideal for use in experimental, certified, commercial, ARFF, and military aircraft or rotorcraft.

The Aviation Consumer Top Pick: Sunspot Series LED Landing and Taxi lights can be seen from up to 30 miles away and can be left on in all phases of flight as they draw 40% less power – significantly reducing the electrical load on the aircraft battery and alternator/generator system. These LEDs are designed to provide a wider beam pattern at a higher intensity with full-scale colour rendering as compared to legacy incandescent lights. They also maintain their full light output even at low engine RPM, which is critical for landing configuration. AeroLEDs Landing and Taxi lights run electrically quiet and meet or exceed DO-160G radiated energy category H, one of the most stringent categories. SunSpot Series lights are designed to be mounted in the wingtips, leading edge, cowling, wing root, or on the landing gear. All AeroLEDs are rated for 30,000+ hr MTBF.

Aircraft listed on this STC include, but are not limited to the following: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, Learjet, etc. STC# ST01936WI is in effect immediately and documentation can be viewed and downloaded on FAA-Certifications page.

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